Oxyhives Active Ingredients

Are you a hive patient looking for the best solution to your problem? Well, worry not anymore because HealthBuy LLC Company has come to your aid by introducing Oxyhives into the market. The medicine is a homeopathic combination of herbal and natural ingredients, which are administered to your body to reduce the effects of the symptoms brought about by hives. In addition, the medicine is works by easing the itching, soreness and the burning sensation of the sores and comforts all the pain and the swelling that you might feel due to hives. The drug is administered by spraying under your tongue and works in an instant as it is absorbed by the body right away. With no side effects on its part that the oxyhives tags along with it; therefore, you are assured of treating hives at any time of the day. In addition, oxyhives is manufactured using natural herbals, which add on to its effective administration and absorption by the body.

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What are hives?

Hives is a common skin ailment commonly known as urticarial in the medical world. It is mainly caused by the change in the environmental factors like smoke, sunlight, dust, or even rain when the body has an allergic reaction to it. When the body is attacked by hives, therefore, it develops red bursts on the skin, which have a stinging, itching, and burning feeling that cause a lot of discomfort. The sizes of burps and sores range according to the severity of the attack. The hives attack in every part of the body that is covered by the skin be it limbs, arms, stomach, throat or even your genitals and therefore needs to be addressed when they attack. Oxyhive is the best-known medicine for hives and it has over the years been used to address the problem.

Ingredients of oxyhives

Oxyhives is made up of different natural herbal products, which have different roles in the treatment of hives. They include the following:

Apis mellifica – The main component of oxyhive is APIs mellifica whose main role in the treatment of hives is to reduce the stinging pain, itchiness, and eruptions caused by the swollen sores thus giving you a soothing feeling.

Arnica Montana – The other component of oxyhive is the arnica Montana. Its main role is to relive the pain, swelling, and the redness of the swollen bursts and sores on the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help greatly in this.

Ichthyolum – Ichthyolum is an antiseptic used in the manufacture of oxyhive, whose main role in the treatment of hives is reducing the inflammation and the pain caused by the swollen sores and bursts.

Trigonocephalus Lachesis – Trigonocephalus Lachesis helps in relieving the sensitivity of the skin and cools down the burning sensation that the swollen soles causes on the skin.

Hepar – Hepar is responsible for treatment of the itchy feeling brought about by the swollen sires and it reduce the sensitivity of the skin, which helps in cooling down the effects of the hives.